Mo’ foods and crops for minecraft

14 November, 2022

Mo’ foods and crops for minecraft

Mo' Foods and Crops will add many more elements of interest in your Minecraft game. Now you can add drinks, wine, beer, meals, meat, veggies, fruit, trees, crops and much more. The mod lets you do a lot more in minecraft. Go ahead and craft a new recipe or harvest a new crop. Now you can do a lot more than simply play a simplistic game. Get ready to craft and harvest a whole new collection of crops, recipes and food. You will remain busy the whole day long.

And when you are not busy killing mobs at night, and you are feeling hungry, or want something to drink, you can brew a few beers pr wine. Only Mo' Food and Crops mod will give you that freedom.

Installation Steps

You will need spacetoads/elooram/cpw/lexmanos minecraft forge for installation of Mo' Foods And Crops. Remember to keep a backup of your .minecraft/minecraft folder before installation.

For windows

1. Go to c:/users/”your user name”/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/bin.
2.With the help of winrar or 7zip, open minecraft.jar
3. Drag the latest verision of minecraft forge into the minecraft.jar.
4. Extract mfc beta 1.0.7 in the .minecraft folder.
5. Now, get rid of the meta-inf folder in the minecraft.jar
6. There! You are done. Now sit back and enjoy the game.

For Mac

1. Open finder and go to “your user name”, library, application support.
2. Sroll down to minecraft, search it and open the bin folder.
3. Open the minecraft.jar with archive utility in the bin folder
4. A new folder called minecraft will get created.
5. Delete your minecraft.jar
6. Now, rename the new minecraft folder to minecraft.jar
7. Place the most recent verision of minecraft forge in the minecraft.jar.
8. Open mfc beta 1.0.7 and place the from mods into mods in your minecraft folder.
9. Delete the meta-inf folder in the minecraft.jar
7. Play and have fun!