Glacia 3.0 for minecraft

28 December, 2022

Glacia 3.0 for minecraft

Glacia 3.0 adds new dimensions to your minecraft world. Get to see new snow-grass, trees, flowers, ores, dirt, rock in a new glacial world. It will look very exciting and inviting and you just can't wait to explore. The mod adds a parallel world that is not like the ender and the nether. Try the new dimension ice that is incredible. There are new trees and flowers, in the new cold world. There are dirt, grass, snow, minerals and much more. Just install the Glacia mod and start exploring. Add a a huge measurement of snow with the help of Glacia Dimension. You can live in peaqce here but be careful as the world around you can get slippery.


• make armor and tools
• need 4 magic stone to make a block of glaciation
• grow blue trees and make doors and board-blocks

Blocks: Magic stone, Glacial grass, Glacial dirt, Glacial wood, Glacial leaves, Glacial planks, Glacial stone

Crystal – New glacia ore, Glacialwood stairs, Glacial door, Snowy sand, Glacial cobblestone,
Ice (ore) – New glacia ore,
Glacialwood fence and gate – made of glacial wood
Plants – Glacial sapling, Ice flower, Glacial berry plant
Ores – Crystal ore, Solid ice ore, Magic stone piece
Armors – Crystal helmet, Crystal chest, Crystal leggings, Crystal boots, Ice helmet, Ice chest, Ice leggings, Ice boots, Mysterious armor
Food – Glacial berry, Saber-toothed cat meat, Saber-toothed cat cooked meat

Mobs – Glacial seeker, Glacial Penguin, Saber-toothed cat
There is a misterious armor piece, a Quadium bulb, Broken quadium bulb and Penguin feather.

Installation steps

1. Delete META-INF folder from minecraft.jar
2. Install Minecraft Forge
3. Download the mod files
4. Move all the files with the mod to the minecraft.jar
5. Enjoy the game.