Bucket Craft mod for minecraft

7 January, 2023

Bucket Craft mod for minecraft

Updated By Propercivalalb, Bucket Craft mod is all about some new buckets with incredible features. Kuzon has written half of the code. What you get now are 5 new buckets that are used to milk cows. Plus there are cake crafting works too.

Collecting fire may seem useless, as fire can be found in the nether naturally. It can be farmed in forests with no trouble. You can use your bucket for fire fighting and empty into water pool. This is an awesome mod and you will love the game once you install!


• 5 new buckets
• wooden bucket can't hold lava and will break apart once you empty it
• stone bucket – can hold both water and lava and will break after one use
• golden bucket – can take 3 lavas or waters
• diamond bucket – can milk sheep and take 16 lavas or waters
• obsidian bucket – can collect fire and hold 32 blocks. You can milk pig some times.
• Stacking will not work for milk.
• No use collecting fire that can be farmed easily in forests.

Installation Steps

You will need Minecraft Forge to install the files. Before installing the mod, do remember to close minecraft first.

1. First, download the installers
2. double click on the installer and click on Install
3. All class files from the ZIP must go in minecraft.jar
4. Don't forget to delete META-INF
5. You will get the message from the installer that it's done
6. Now close installer and start your minecraft.
7. Mod is Installed!
8.  enjoy the game.