Blazestone for minecraft

11 January, 2023

Blazestone for minecraft

Blazestone (1.4.7), the new mod is available now with ith mobs! Get much more fun as you add tools, blocks, items, mobs and even a blazelands biome.

Blazestone ore is yellowish and orange in color and one can smelt it to make ingots or create tools or blazestone block. You will find blaze dirt and grass in the blazelands biome. As there are a lot many blazes that can spawn at night in the biome, one needs to be careful. You get really epic explosions with the mod.

Go ahead and download the mod to enjoy some new tools and armor and get some real explosions.


• A new yellow and orange ore Blazestone
• adds new Blocks, Mobs, Items, Tools
• Builds tools and blocks
• blazelands biome
• Natural Blazestone, Blazelands Biome, Blaze Dirt, Blaze Coal,Blaze Grass
• Blaze Log, Blaze Flower, Blaze Leaves, Blazestone Armor, Blaze Planks.
• Blaze Torch, Blazestone Armor, Blazestone Tools, Blaze Porkchop

Installation Steps

Installation steps are easy but you will need modloader 1.4.7 and the complete class files from the ZIP need to go in minecraft.jar.

1. first, open up %appdata%,
2. Type %appdata% into your Windows Search Bar and then press enter
3. Look for minecraft/bin
4. Open minecraft.jar
5. Drag and drop the essential files into the jar
6. Do remember to delete META-INF.
7. Run Minecraft and enjoy your game.