AtomBlock for minecraft

22 January, 2023

AtomBlock for minecraft

Atomblock[1.4.7] can be very dangerous and you cannot activate more than one Block. The mod is great for those who simple love lots of fireworks and explosions. Just be careful to keep away from the radius of explosion so as to safeguard yourself. These explosions will reduce everything within scope to dust and ashes. What you will find is a greyish square area with a brownish boundary. Those bomb explosions will make the minecraft game much brighter with all those sounds and lights. Just make sure your pc is adequate enough to handle all those heavy processes. Do not get tempted to ignite multiple bomb detonations as those can crash the system. The mod is not well-suited for multiplayer servers.


• Easy crafting
• mass destruction
• more powerful than a TNT block
• Don't activate more than one Block

Installation Steps

You will need Minecraft Forge to install Atomblock. Just remember to go into minecraft.jar and add all class files from the ZIP. Don't forget to delete META-INF.

1. Download and install Modloader
2. Download the Atomblock Mod
3. Place the Mod files into the /.minecraft/mods folder
4. Do not unzip the folder.
5. The Mod is installed.
6. Enjoy the game!